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Great buy and fast shipping

I live in the USA and got this doll custom made and delivered to me in just a few weeks. It's exactly like the production photos look. I have both the moving rechargable hip and the heating function. I just leave the heating plugged in and leave it in bed. It's great for cuddling since it doesn't have any appendages.

The body heat doesn't heat everywhere, so the back and vagina are hot while the breasts aren't, but it's fine. The moving hip does have a faint sound but music or even an air conditioner going will drown it out.

This might not be the best looking doll but it's the most "useful" and utilitarian. It does everything I could want, is affordable, and is portable/not too heavy.

You can read my review here:

Awesome! very realistic!

I purchased this as a birthday gift to myself, an amazing gift that does as advertised,
my only two negative comments are (1) the controls are in Mandarin or something that I can't understand, and no clear instructions. (2) much heavier than I anticipated, very close to the weight of a complete doll I purchased previously.
Otherwise, great, very satisfying

Thanks for your comments, we had uploaded the manual in both Chinese and English .

Great Doll

Delivered the other day and used the it that night. Great work! It was just as I ordered. Customer service was helpful and responsive when I asked about the status.

Not happy

I love this company they have good product, on my last order The shipment didn’t show up. DHL delivery says it was delivered, but I haven’t received it. Moon Doll got paid, DHL got paid, I got nothing 😢 hopefully Moon Doll will help me, because I am very saddened that something like this happened. I was so excited for this head. Other than that Moon Doll is an amazing company. They need to get a more reliable delivery service because DHL just drops it in front of your home and leaves it for any stranger to grab.

DHL displayed the signed information on 21th. and we got the notice from you on 26th. We are surprised about that also.Anyway ,please don't worry. we will show to the DHL the record number. and your order will be re-proceeded.

Canada In Stock ADSDOLL® Amanda 163cm(5.3') TPE (NO.211)

Parfaite !!

Sydoll Head

Tayla head is so beautiful. I think it's the best choice for the body for her.

Amazing product

They answered all my questions promptly.Sorry that i required too much,haha. When i requested to call me. They called me immediately and explained to me patiently. Sent pictures of the doll before send it out. Doll is very real. Very soft. Nice work!

Good Service

I had a great overall experience with u guy. As a beginner they answered my many questions professionally and patiently. The doll sold to me were as advertised and I couldn't be more pleased :) Thanks for the gift.

Paige elf head

I'm so blown away by the look of the head...this is my second one and I'm still thinking about getting another one again. U guys are doing a beautiful job with the heads. Down the road I'm going to get a whole doll from u guys to add to my collection...

Quick Service

After reviewed the factory photos, i made the order. My order was quickly filled and I was provided with a tracking number. The price of the merchandise seems reasonable as well. Overall great service.

good for beginner

These kind of products are good for guys like me who has no experience with females.

Canada In Stock ADSDOLL® Nora 163cm(5.3Ft) TPE Chubby (NO.1123)
Amazing Service

Item came as promised and was super fast as it was in stock. Thanks for the cleaning kit as that is must for these items. The doll I got was super real and very soft to use and fairly easy to clean. I will treat her well. Thanks .

Cosdoll Camille..

I didn't get the whole body 170cm. But I bought the head. And the quality of the head is very beautiful and great. I'm thinking of getting some more heads. The price is in my budget so I'm ready to get more of them.

Pleasantly surprised

Support staff answered my questions promptly before I was even considering making a purchase. Then I caved :) Prompt delivery, arrived sooner than I expected. Can be a bit awkward to maneuverer due to the weight. Overall I'm happy though

Very good doll

Very knowledgeable and very helpful. Product arrived quickly and well packaged. Discreet delivery as promised. Doll is very very real to look at and to touch. Looking forward to ordering a second doll.

Absolutely beautiful!!

Absolutely beautiful!! Highly recommend. Thank you Daisy for your kind help.

Chubby doll

These folks are great! They did everything they could to help and answer all questions .Wow,The doll is so real.

Great doll

Great doll, only downside is that i don't have any good place to store her.

Canada In Stock ADSDOLL Tina 140~168cm(4.6~5.5Ft) TPE Realdoll SexDoll Love Doll Model Props (NO.179)
Great service

I bought this ready to ship one. I knew the wig is random which they had mentioned this point in the description. But i still tried to ask this blonde wig cause l like it too much. They sent me an extra blonder wig free . Thanks very much. I will be back to purchase for the second time.Thanks.

Proffesional operation

Before ordering, i chatted with the guys via WhatsApp. I am afraid of the scam honestly.
When the moment that i received the nice doll. All my worries disappeared.Quick to answer questions.Professional operation.Shipments went out promptly and arrived in good condition. Trustful website!

Better than i expected

Before buying this doll . i did look over many shops already. Many of them have the same pics. I don't know if they are the same or not. But price is big difference.This shop show me the factory photo . and answered my question very quickly.
Without disappointment, i received the doll timely and it is better than i expected. it is same like the factory pics that they showed me.
i am really happy with this.


The item arrived exactly as described and only two and a half weeks. Completely discreet. I would reccomend and would buy from again. they are very helpfull and willing to respond to your questions. Thanks.

Very pleasant customer service

I purchase online very often but never had such a good exprience. Nice doll and very pleasant customer service.

Amanda 163cm

Purchase with confidence. Sales staff respond quickly to any questions and will provide actual pictures of doll upon request. Australian stock available for Ausies. Doll isn't a WM but for the price I think its better. Hollow boobs standing feet.Be warned this doll is heavy.Very happy with purchace