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Everything is great

Everything is perfect, Jacky was very helpful with answering all my questions and making any changes to my order he was very helpful the doll is perfect just like in the pictures thank you so much moon doll.

Moon-Doll really will take you to the moon!

While this was my first purchase and my skepticism made the process nerve racking, I was amazed to find the support from Moon-Doll to be amazing, thorough and patient. Jacky answered all my questions and concerns. My doll took about a month an half to be manufactured and shipped to my door. Which was an amazingly quick process. My doll is damn near perfect, I'm astounded by the detail and care Moon-Doll took with her.

The ZELEX 170cm doll is amazingly detailed and life like. The GE07 head is very nice, but the second head GE95 turned out to be more amazing. I used Yvonne's (GE07) hair piece on Scarlett's head (GE95) and it made an amazing combination. Me and my partner absolutely love her. This was a well worth investment and Moon-Doll blew away our expectations.

Best Choice for a Pregnant Doll

Irontech just does everything right for this doll.

The face is lovely and very human-looking. The eyes are spring-loaded, making them easy to move without damaging the eyelashes. Note that this is a "hard" head and does not offer oral functions. I order my doll with freckles and Moon-Doll sent me some sample freckle patterns and shades to choose from. Irontech faithfully reproduced my instructions and my doll's facial freckles look amazing.

My doll also has the realistic paint option. Subtle highlighting is everywhere on the doll's body and she has veins that can just barely be seen in her hands, wrists, breasts and thighs. My doll also has freckles on her body and they put freckling over most of it. It looks really good.

The baby bump on this doll is about 5-6 months and they've even put in stress marks around the navel. She weighs about 96 pounds (including head and wig) and the joints are stiff so that she holds most poses easily. While the belly is solid, her breasts are very soft and pliable. The "skin" of her breasts is very thin and are gel filled, giving them realistic feel and bounce.

The entries on this doll are very realistic and mimic a woman's internal structure. This also adds to the doll's realism.

It took about a week to manufacture her. Shipping to the USA and getting her through Customs took about eight days. FedEx picked her up in California and delivered her to Tennessee in six days.

I have over 20 dolls, silicone and TPE, and this is one of my favorites because of her realism, beauty and the various features that she has, some of which are unique to this doll.

Excellent Customer Service

My doll arrived about a month after I ordered her, faster than I expected. She came in the mail looking exactly as I expected. I had some difficulty with the neck bolt on the doll's head but Moon-Doll's CSR stayed in constant contact with me to solve the issue. They were very helpful and in fact I received regular updates on the progress of my order throughout the process. 5/5 will order with Moon-Doll again!

DHDOLL® Xiaohao 115cm(3.8') TPE Male Sex Doll Love Doll Model Props (No.2144)


Needed a little person for a display that looked real, however no mannequins of this stature were available. This worked well.

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Purple Perfect

The doll was built exactly how I wanted it and MoonDoll made the purchase exceptionally easy and communication was the best I have ever experienced with any online retailer. This one of 4 purchases I have made from MoonDoll. Highly recommended.

Purple WMDoll

She is exactly what I wanted. The doll is perfect and was built exactly how I wanted. Also Moon Doll has the best customer service I have ever experienced with an online retailer. The communication is superb and everyone is so friendly and helpful. This is the 2nd purchase I have made from Moon Doll and I have ordered 2 more dolls and we are working on a custom doll as well. You will not regret working with Moon Doll for your purchase.

Light weight and fun

My husband and I were very pleased with this doll. She's light enough to move around and nice and tight. We got quick delivery and good customer service as well.

Beautiful Doll!

The doll I purchased is Nick 150 cm full silicone. His skin color is wheat, he has finger articulation, shrugging shoulders, standing feet, his flaccid dildo is B9 and erect is B10. All of the above is highly recommended for this doll. (The flaccid dildo is as firm as the erect one, but it looks very nice on the doll). The finger articulation was the only customization that had an extra charge. It was well worth the price. I wouldn't by a doll without it.
I bought Nick to be a non-sexual companion doll. He will also be used as a prop in photography. He is very realistic, well made, and has a youthful, pleasant facial expression. He is beautiful!
Jacky was the salesperson that assisted me in making this purchase. She was extremely patient and helpful. All of my questions were answered promptly. She supplied me with photos and videos, which helped me tremendously. She represented "Moon Doll" very well! As a result of her, I highly recommend "Moon Doll" as an excellent, trustworthy company. They have definitely earned my respect. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again!
Overall, buying from "Moon Doll" was a very pleasant experience. The whole process, from start to finish, took around four weeks. This was expected and I ended up getting a beautiful doll that was exactly what I ordered. (There were no unpleasant surprises and no misrepresentations!) The factory photos and videos genuinely reflected the final product. If something was wrong "Moon Doll" would make it right, before mailing it out. It is an outstanding company!

They answered my questions in a timely manner and got me my order without any problems.

I had questions about my order and they were helpful and made the changes I requested and got me my order.

Fast & Perfect

Gorgeous sexy & fastest delivery ever! Very well packed & no deviations from my order. Job well done 😊

Honey is a great doll.

Best prices! Jacky is the best associate. Very helpful and kind. I had several problems and Jacky was extremely helpful in clearing them up. Honey is a very good doll. Very life like and easy to handle. My only complaint is about the wig. It needed to be combed out because of all the tangles in it. But I enjoyed doing it. Feels like the real thing inside and out. Slap it on the backside and it sounds like real flesh. I want to put a special thank you in for my friend Jacky. Thanks for all the help, you made it very nice to deal with getting everything done. I will be getting another one from you soon.

Thank you Moondoll! You made my experience enjoyable!

Review for DHDOLL® Franky 150cm(4.9')

The body look fine everything look good except for his fixed penis, there are some spot that look not neat and under his ball didn't fix to his body, it left some space there. It might need me to fix it myself sometime in future bacause it can be crack off from that space if the girls not not aware on him.

Note: This is new open box doll and didn't been use by everyone.

GAME LADY® Silicone Head Only (No.H1575)
Зеленский Иван

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Product is as stated, No Accessories came.

Product is Perfect, no complaints, prompt shipping.
Box left a mark as there was no packing protection and slight deformation persists. I can live with it, it is not major but I got Zero accessories and the listing clearly stated that I was to receive
(Copied and pasted)
Free Gift:
1)USB Heating Wand x1
2)Cotton Gloves x1
3) Lingerie x1
4)Cleansing Irrigator x1
5)Blanket x1

Other than that it is a great product. ( 5 Stars)

Nice but a bit Awkward

Decent material, very rewarding. Unfortunately the head is difficult to secure and the weight makes it hard to pose.

very much satisfied

a good quality with lots of excellent services. i just placed another order. thank you

good girl

I bought the doll for the first time and it was a very good purchase. The quality of life has improved.

Good weight if that's important

Nothing was wrong on the service of the site, however think before getting a doll of this size. The main reason I thought this would be a good doll was the weight would make it easy to manipulate and deal with, which is a fair point. However what I didn't think about is how using the doll would feel. In that it feels like a 10 yr old child and has the dimensions of such. Which once that thought gets into your head, it's tough using the doll unless your a real freak.

The second feature I tried that turn into a mistake was the clamp and suck. Although this does work and it's fun to play with. In the end there's a problem, which is that there is a connected opening from the on/off switch to the vagina. So when attempting to clean you can end up causing things to leak out this 2nd opening.

Both of these problems are with this size and feature. Which are not really the site's fault which is why I'm not giving them zero starts.

Best doll is the world!

My Ass loves this dick. i Really enjoed this toy.