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My thoughts

The hair falls out very easily when just handling it

Good and cute

If to say anything more and make me eight shades of red so just so I don't have to I'm going to just leave it at the title.

Great Boy Doll

Better than expected. TPE is very soft. Skeleton seems to be good quality. Articulated fingers work very well. A well-made and much needed addition to the doll world. Shipping was fast and without issue. Very good customer service. Highly recommended, from an experienced doll owner.

Stunningly Beautiful Doll

Doll is very realistic looking. Very, very beautiful life size doll.

Stunningly Beautiful Doll

Doll is very realistic looking. Very, very beautiful life size doll.

Stunningly Beautiful Doll

Doll is very realistic looking. Very, very beautiful life size doll.

Stunningly Beautiful Doll

Doll is very realistic looking. Very, very beautiful life size doll.

Stunningly Beautiful Doll

Doll is very realistic looking. Very, very beautiful life size doll.

Like the head

My only beef is the mouth stays open makes it hard to get natural photos without editing them to close the mouth

ZELEX® GE100# Silicon Head Only (NO.H2433)

Great job

Everything perfect, looks beautiful, smooth with touch, just a bit too heavy for me

Beyond belief how great She is Part 2

I want to add how easy it is for me to lift and carry her. My other doll is almost as tall as I am and can be difficult to dress, move around and position but not Rong she is almost effortless to pick up, easy to store. This was a great choice, no doubt about it.

Amazing Doll

Pictures don't do her justice, the artistry and craftsmanship from Zelex are amazing. In my opinion the 165X body is the most realistic and attractive body compared to all others. Glad I went with silicone, feels like she will be easy to maintain. Great value for the price especially during promotions.

Jacky from Moon-doll was extremely helpful in answering all my questions even informing me of an upcoming head release. Also appreciate the extra eye colors available here that seem to be missing on other sites.

I selected GE108# and 97# heads, both look great in person. Yumeko Jabami (Kakegurui) wig and cosplay bought separately. Thanks Moon-doll!

Dang she’s HOT

Two things;
The doll is heavy, not a big deal but she is hard to move around,
And I think my wife likes to fuck her more than I do. That was a good surprise and has opened all kinds of sexy shit! Won’t be surprised to come home someday and catch them in the act.

great doll, but.......

I got this doll with the electronic hips, the power supply was sent. I also got it with the auto blow job which doesn't seem to work, the auto suck with heat, which did not come with the power supply cord or connector. So Idon't know if it works or not. I am very disappointed with that. I have sent two emails regarding this and I haven't heard back about it. If I were to receive the power supply and a return email, I would change the number of stars to 5+.

as explained in our replying email, we had sent the cord again. and according to the tracking information, the parcel had arrived to your house already. Please check it. for the auto blowjob, please send us the email for the issue.

Looks great, but she doesn’t clamp and suck like the video at all, you’ll hear a clicking but there is absolutely no sign of movement. Don’t sacrifice the heating option for that!! It’s like a corpse that been there a while.

Extremely satisfied

This was a second purchase through Moon Doll after a smooth first transaction. This time, I felt a little more confident to order something more customized and the end result was exactly what I ordered. Please understand that the time investment needed to complete the transaction is worth the quality of what you’re getting. Don’t worry about ordering through a second party either, as Moon Doll was able to communicate specific details with the factory. When there was a small issue, the customer service promptly handled it. I would make the decision to order again if I had to start over.


I received the doll exactly as the pictures, and all the functionalities (Moving Hip, Clamp & Suck, Heating, Moaning) are working as expected. The build quality is great and doesn't look cheap. CUDOLL also has removable leg for easy storage. I pay for storage case, and it is well made. I was a little afraid because I had not heard of CUDOLL before. I don't know how good the quality dolls they make. But I decided to order anyway because CUDOLL has all the features I wanted. The sale prep is friendly and helps to answer any question I have. I have full Sillicone Top-Sino and this CUDOLL is better in touch and feel. She feel softer and more like real woman.


The doll arrived as pictured and factory photos presented. The box was discreetly sent and well packaged. The hip movement and vaginal suction adds a great sensation. Noise is not to obtrusive. The moaning system has no volume control, although it does have a headphone jack.

The bad, the Auto clamp function allows fluid to pass from vagina to pump on dolls side and leak out. Note this a tpe doll so bacteria/mold are always going to be a concern and extra time needs to be spent keeping any tpe doll clean and sanitary. This adds an internal risk. If you are prepared to spend the time caring for the doll it seems to be a great. Otherwise you may want to spend the extra and get an all silicone doll.

Hello, the volume of moaning system is easy to change by just speaking to her.
1. Speak 'Higher voice' to make the voice higher.
2. Speak' Lower voice' to make the voice lower.

The drainage pine is for cleaning and dry purpose. After you clean the vagina, there's water remain in the vagina, this pine will help to pump the water (including the Disinfection), in this way, the vagina will be dried and the pine is cleaned at the same time.
Meanwhile, this pine is to avoid the water flow into the clamp sucking unit and make damage to the function.
Hope you can understand my poor explanation.

She was great!!!

Cudoll I'd a great company. The product I received was exactly as advertised. Service was great 👍. Everything was on time and a good price.

Better than I expected

This looks so realistic. She's gonna creep me out at night for sure, but in a good way 🙂

Happy customer

I’m pretty happy how it turn out, made a few changes and they were good! The customer service has been outstanding from start to finish. They answer my questions and I’m pretty pleased.

USA In Stock CUDOLL® Hola 140cm(4.6') TPE Big Chest Sex Dolls Model Props (NO.US1834)
Kevin Sanchez

USA In Stock CUDOLL® Hola 140cm(4.6') TPE Big Chest Sex Dolls Model Props (NO.US1834)


I have a (legacy, pre inspiration) 170 with the implanted G45 head. Best looking doll I have, very nice display piece.