Recommendation Function

Auto Clamp&Suck

(Plug-In Version Only)

Can your love doll give you incredibly intense sexual pleasure? Hell yes! The vaginal automatic clip and suck function will definitely blow up your mind. Heating, vibrating, and moaning functions are available. 

Electric Hip and Waist

(Plug-In Version Only)

When you turned on the power, she will twist her hips and waist like a real human. The wireless remote control can be easily adjusted the speed according to your personal preference. Explore your body secret with your love dolls together, she won't let you down.

Forward and Backward 

(Plug-In Version Only)

With 3 different frequencies of the automatic body forward and backward movements, allowing you to experience the ultimate sexual experience. Please enjoy the imitation of real movements that your beloved sex doll brings you!

IRONTECH Collection

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