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Excellent product. I recommend.

I have received the doll since yesterday and I am very happy with it. I also chose the articulated finger option and I am satisfied with this choice.

Jacky from Moon-Doll is a trusted person and is incredible. I had selected the doll with green eyes and after reflection I finally changed to brown eyes. What was not my surprise to have had them in addition in the package and at no extra cost. I am impressed by this kind of attention. Thank you Jacky and thank you to Moon-doll.

Nevertheless, I have a small problem, the sex of the doll seems to peel off a little. Nevertheless, I am sure that Jacky will have the solution for this kind of problem and will advise me a good glue. Thank you again and I highly recommend with confidence and discretion.

Amazing product and service

Best customer service..Best product and best price... I can not be more happy thank you moondoll and especially Jacky.


She weighs a lot more than 87 pounds and did not come with the the lip and nipple piercings that I paid for; other than that, I am very pleased with her. She is appealing to my eyes and will continue to provide what I need.

Incredibly great doll, but there are criticisms of the accessories and costumes

After a month of production and 2.5 weeks of delivery, the doll arrived in Germany. The body and head were all flawless. I ordered the doll with additional costumes. There is criticism here: Tifa's costume unfortunately had errors when sewing and still needs to be repaired. But what's bad is that the costumes are simply packed into the doll box without any extra protection. The result: the black rubber shoes stained and damaged the insert. There is also criticism of the packages. An attempt was made to fix Aerith's hairstyle with hair spray, which meant that the wig arrived very stuck together and had to be restyled. My recommendation is to buy dolls from Moon-Doll, but you should order the costumes separately.

Great doll with one small flaw

After almost a month of production and 2.5 weeks of delivery, it arrived safely in Germany. It looks very good and the only thing I have to complain about is a malfunction in the suction vagina. The connection slides out of the doll. I know many Germans are afraid of buying abroad, but I am satisfied with the dealer and recommend buying here. The Moon-Doll employees take care of any questions or requests.


Transplant hair drop very fast
hard silicon is too hard

Compare to the regualr soft silicone head, it is much stronger for the implanted hair. But still there's shedding happen. Please don't pull it specially. The part of the mouth is made of soft silicone for blowjob.

Thank you!!!!

My doll is amazing! She is perfect! Thank you so much guys, I will buy from you again!

Excelent work

Received my product a few days ago, packaging was well secured and the doll came in excellent condition. As for the doll lovely work the detail shading ect was life like. Good vendor i would recommend.

Moon Doll

Moon doll is everything I expected. The quality of the doll is high and the detail as well I am very satisfied and thank you all.

Miki tpe doll head.

Absolutely fabulous so so life like .what you see is what you get. Moondoll is my number won't be disappointed. Derek

COBY DOLL Troat silicone Head


almost perfect

the overall quality is excellent and as advertised. The texture and painting of the head is excellent. the movable jaw is phenomenal and the ROS still blows my mind. The service was excellent as any queries I had was answered quickly and the staff were very helpful and thoughtful during the entire production process. I think that choosing a hair colour was difficult as the colour listed in the options didn't match up with my expectations and I was glad I contacted the staff to ensure my desired hair colour was implanted. Delivery was wayyyy faster than I had anticipated. From the product being complete and dispatched it arrived within a week, where I thought it may have taken 2-3 weeks.
The only issues are that the implanted hair is shedding a lot where the deep-throat heads were advertised as not shedding. It could be that they shed a lot less than soft silicone heads but the amount of shedding is alarming. I can gently tug on any section of hair and a clump will come out. This is only for the hair as the eyebrows and lower eyelashes appear to be fine.
One minor issue is that it was not clear that picking implanted hair and then choosing a wig style would translate to implanted hairstyle. The answer is that it does and it's unfortunate because if I knew this I may have chosen a different style. I think a quick review of the options on the site to be a bit clearer would be great.

Real life like especially the eyes.

Teeth very realistic.

Attaching the wig is a bit of a problem laying down.


Head looked beautiful and so much like the picture used. Great job by the team for being so fast eith it as well, it usually takes some co.panies 3 mo that to create, moondoll completed mynorder and got me my order within 3 weeks.


The doll head looks nice.But it appears that it was not available in TPE.The silicon lip is harder and already split a small level on both sides,after I opened up the jaw to the max.TPE would have NOT split that way.I will have to search more closely for TPE,not silicon with a moveable jaw.

Outstanding looks life like very happy.

Tpe doll head sachie

The head is beautifully life like it scare me.would recommend anyone to buy from won't be disappointed. D Hill.


Don't trust the images you see on the website, she's so much better in real life. Simply stunning 😍

Excellent Customer Service

The doll came as expected. But what I never expected was the the outstanding customer service that was given me. All of my questions and concerns, big or small, were given prompt attention. Hats off to the customer service team!

Very Good!!!!!!

The Torso Doll arrived 9 days after purchase!
Fast Delivery!
Package arrived in great condition!
Everything works great!
Controls are not in English format!
Once lubed and heated upon vag entry she is
"Very Tight" with the vibrator and clamping moving functions it is a very realistic and it will suck you in and it does this thing that is mesmerizing!!! It will make you say "Oh my God" so good!
It's difficult to last very long because she is hitting you with something new with almost every thrust! She will queef a little when you first go in! It also stiffens up deep inside like hitting a cervix!
Very good experience and sex therapy that never says no, without the reprocussions of an actual Human!

Feels almost like the real thing

I purchased this head mainly for oral. And I have to say that the sensations are quite realistic. The teeth are soft, and it's quite deep for you to enjoy some deepthroat action (the sound she makes are delightful). The silicone could be a bit softer but maybe it would be too fragile. So far the head doen't have damages or stretching. I would say it's a very good head if you want it mainly for oral action, because I don't think she's cute or very attractive so I don't use her for display on my dolls.

QITA® Kiki Real Person Replica Butt (No.1798)

My thoughts

The hair falls out very easily when just handling it

Good and cute

If to say anything more and make me eight shades of red so just so I don't have to I'm going to just leave it at the title.