Electric Hip

f you want an amorous woman, if you want your sexlife more colorful, if you want the self-help sex, here is the best choice for you. We present the "Electric Hips" option for Moving Doll that can meet all your requirements. It can apply on the the torso, full size doll . Click below link to the collection with Electric Hips.
Moving Doll

Please see below demo of the "Electric Hips" (V2.0)

1. Non-chargable version (plug and play type without built-in battery)
■Power adapter: power input voltage 100V—240V, output voltage/current 24V/3A
■Certification Standard: Power CE
2. Rechargable version (use after the built-in power supply is fully charged)
■Battery voltage: working voltage 22.2V, no-load voltage 24V.
■Charge and discharge: 280-300 weeks.
■Charging time: 1.5h fast charge.
■Using time: Fully charged, a single electric hips sex doll can work continuously for 5 hours.
      The electric hips sex doll must be used interactively on a soft bed to avoid sharp or hard objects contacting the epidermis. Please adjust the interactive posture before interacting with the electric hip sex doll. It is forbidden to forcefully adjust the posture or turn over during the interactive game of the electric hip sex doll. Turn off the switch or cut off the power when adjusting the posture and shape of the doll. For continuous interactive games for more than two hours, please let the electric hip sex doll rest intermittently for 10-30 minutes. For the rechargeable version, please charge it in time after 3-4 hours of continuous use to avoid reducing battery life. Please clean and powder the load-bearing contact area of ​​the electric hip sex doll and maintain the whole body in time after each interaction. Our company is not responsible for skin punctures or mechanical damage caused by improper use of precautions. The driving voltage of this product adopts 24V driving voltage, which fully complies with the global safety driving voltage standard. 

***the speed is not adjustable for the time being***