March 26, 2023

Material for the sex dolls

        Currently, the entity sex dolls on the market mainly use two materials, one is silicone material and the other is TPE material. SLE is a new material exclusively used by ZELEX, claiming that its physical properties are between those of silicone and TPE. The properties of these first two materials have been a topic of discussion. First, let’s introduce the characteristics and differences between the three materials and some of our suggestions.


Table of Content

  • What is TPE?
  • What is Silicone?
  • What is SLE?
  • The difference between TPE , silicone and SLE.
  • Types of sex dolls
  • How to choose the material of the sex doll?

What is TPE?

Also known as thermoplastic elastomer, it is a polymer material that has both plastic and rubber properties, showing the high elasticity of rubber at room temperature and plasticizing and molding at high temperature (no vulcanization required). The structure of thermoplastic elastomers is characterized by chemical bonds consisting of different resin and rubber segments, with the resin segment forming a physical cross-linking point by virtue of inter-chain forces and the rubber segment being a highly elastic chain segment that contributes elasticity. The physical cross-linking of plastic segments changes reversibly with temperature, demonstrating the plastic processing properties of thermoplastic elastomers. Therefore, thermoplastic elastomer has the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber and the technological processing properties of thermoplastic, and is a new polymer material between rubber and resin, often referred to as the third generation of rubber. Summary: TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer, with environmental protection, non-toxic, easy coloring, smooth and soft feel, hardness range 0A-120A, simple processing and molding, no vulcanization process, can be recycled to reduce costs.


 - Moon-doll


What is Silicone?

Silica gel, also known as silicate gel, is a highly reactive adsorbent material, which is amorphous. The main component of silica gel is silicon dioxide, which is chemically stable and non-combustible. It is a thermosetting elastomer with the advantages of safety and non-toxicity, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid, high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, chemically stable, and is widely used in adult products and food products.

“ZELEX,IRONTECH,STARPERY,ANGELKISS make fantasitc Silicone dolls in our store”

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What is SLE?

        Based on the original silicone material , ZELEX has developed its unique SLE ( Safety Less - vinyl Elastomer ) material.  Claiming the advantage below:
   1)Enhanced safety : Non - toxic and odorless , with reduced oil production 
  2)Softer touch : The soft touch exudes a sensual vitality . Gentler embrace :
  3)Durable : Unique material craftsmanship and structural design , sturdy and durable.

“At this moment, this material is exclusively used by ZELEX"

 - Moon-doll

The difference between TPE , Silicone and SLE

1、Difference in hardness:

Among these three material. Silicone will usually feel slightly harder, while TPE is the softest.SLE is in between; silicone can also be very soft, but the cost will be much higher.If the softness of TPE is calculated as 10 points, SLE will be  8 points and SILICONE will be 5 points.

2、Texture difference:

The performance of silicone is better than TPE; it will have better representation because the material is slightly harder. Some simulated handprints and details can only be represented by silicone dolls, while TPE soft plastic dolls are not as effective.SLE is in between


The life span of silicone dolls is theoretically up to 10 years, and TPE dolls can theoretically last 5 years. SLE is claimed same as silicone.  But the actual use of the situation is very different, according to the customer's use, the use of the way, whether the maintenance in place is very relevant.


On the market as long as the regular manufacturers produce dolls will provide products raw material testing reports, security is guaranteed to a certain extent. Here do not do to start the discussion.

The above is mainly reflected in the characteristics, then if the doll made of these two materials, what will be the difference?


A silicone or SLE doll of the same size will be heavier than a TPE doll, depending on the manufacturer's process and lining level.Now many dolls manufacture offer the weight reduction option which is awesome to all the dolls fans.

6、The difference in workmanship

The details of the doll are mainly determined by the hardness of the material and the mold used by the doll manufacturer. The details of silicone or SLE dolls on the market today are better than those of TPE dolls overall.


The smell of silicone or SLE dolls are very small and almost negligible in actual use. tpe material dolls tend to have an odor. Now good TPE material to reduce the smell to very small. Of course, if the use of poor quality silicone, there is also a great smell

8、Touch feeling

There are many factors that determine the touch of the doll, the amount of oil and softness is more intuitive. First of all, the amount of oil, most of the dolls on the market, TPE dolls are relatively more oil than silicone or SLE, the dolls generally need to put on baby powder, this is not absolute; according to different manufacturers of material ratios and production technology, the amount of oil will vary, and even TPE dolls can also be very small amount of oil. The reason for the relatively small amount of oil from silicone dolls is mainly the material ratio and the physical properties of silicone; many manufacturers often have their own special supply and technical secrets in the surface coating of silicone dolls, and with the addition of the surface coating spray painting technology, the amount of oil from silicone dolls is much better than the performance of TPE dolls. Then the softness of the doll, the current angle of some manufacturers can be based on customer demand and the characteristics of real people, the doll's chest, buttocks, thighs, abdomen and other parts of the special technical processing, so that they are soft and even infinitely close to real people. tpe dolls many manufacturers will do special soft treatment of the doll's chest, other body parts often do not do special treatment. Most silicone or SLE dolls on the market are a little harder than TPE dolls. With the upgrade of technology and optimization of material ratios, the softness of silicone or SLE has been very good improvement. Excellent products tend to be very good balance between the doll's oil and the doll's softness. It is worth mentioning that manufacturers of silicone dolls give dolls to do chest softening is already standard. To sum up, tpe material and silicone rubber both materials are widely used in our daily life, but they also have a big difference.While SLE still need time to approve its future as it is new material.

Type of sex dolls

In summary, the entity dolls currently on the market, the material used may be a combination of these two materials, can be divided into three cases:


Full Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone material of the physical doll detail performance is good, closer to the real person, but the silicone material is relatively hard. Silicone material is resistant to high temperatures strong acid and alkali, processing needs to be vulcanized, so the processing costs are relatively high, as the need to accompany the photo doll is a good choice.

Full TPE Sex Dolls

All tpe material sex doll, feel soft and smooth, but the details of the performance is not as good as silicone material entity doll, not resistant to high temperature strong acid and alkali, processing only requires hot melt processing, processing costs are low, is currently the best material as male erotic products, practicality.


Silicone head + TPE body

Both silicone head details of the performance of real and tpe body performance soft, is the best match.

How to choose the material of the sex doll?

After the introduction, so what material is better for the entity doll, Moon-doll think silicone material is all-around better than TPE. In terms of material safety, silicone is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and most importantly, it is not reusable, while TPE can be recycled and reused. From the characteristics of the material, silicone wear resistance as well as high temperature resistance, while TPE material, although better softness, but easy to deformation, with permanent deformation. Solid dolls on wear resistance, and deformability requirements are very high, the so-called entity doll, is to give a real, realistic feeling. The safety and characteristics of the material, silicone material is more suitable to make solid dolls. Breakdown, if the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to choose the full silicone entity doll, if you are only used as adult products. Then it is recommended to choose the full tpe entity doll, if you want to use, and can be used as a companion to take pictures, then it is recommended to choose the silicone head plus tpe body entity doll. SLE is a good choice worth testing.