If you want a tight vagina feeling or want the self-help sex, here we offer a good choice for you. We present the "Auto Clam & Suck" option for Moving Doll . It can apply on the the torso, full size doll . Click below link to the collection with this option.
Moving Doll

Please see below demo of the "Auto Clamp & Suck" 

1. Non-chargable version (plug and play type without built-in battery)
■Power adapter: power input voltage 100V—240V, output voltage/current 24V/3A
■Certification Standard: Power CE
2. Rechargable version (use after the built-in power supply is fully charged)
■Battery voltage: working voltage 22.2V, no-load voltage 24V.
■Charge and discharge: 280-300 weeks.
■Charging time: 1.5h fast charge.
■Using time: Fully charged, a single electric hips sex doll can work continuously for 5 hours.

***the speed is adjustable ***