The correct storage method for the dolls when not used

     Regarding the storage of sex dolls,actually it is very simple, whether it is a standing one or not, the preferred method is to restore the posture when arriving, including the soft cushion on the side of the foam soft cushion placed under the body. If there is a soft light-colored pillow on the waist or buttocks, just in case a long time, the place with high force will be compressed and deformed. There is no problem in storing it for 1-2 months. This storage method is more commonly used because of its convenience and privacy. If it is a standable one, you can also store it for 1-2 months under normal circumstances in standing mode. Do not wear dark shoes or socks. Do not store in standing mode if it is not a standable one. It can also be stored in sitting mode, but it is best to change the position for ten days and a half months. The doll may be torn if it is stretched for a long time. If the key parts are torn, the use function of the doll is basically scrapped.
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